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Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ~ Thunder on a Sunny Day

We called our party Samurai, but actually we’re specialized in long range combat.

Our party consists of a Magic Swordsman specialized with spells, a warrior wielding both bow and sword, a shrine priest who can use [Recovery Magic] and attack magic, a bonafide magician and a [Devil Eye] user who can use attack magic and [Summoning Magic]. Continue reading “Volume 4 Chapter 4”

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Chapter 2 Translation

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late update. I received an email from our friend, Mr. Alan, saying that he is currently busy for this week. At first, I want to wait until he is free before posting the latest update, but fortunately, another friend of us, Mr. Eugene is offering to edit my work.

The translation is completely done. As soon as the editing is complete, I’ll post it here.