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Chapter 17 Translation

Hey everyone! As you all know, this is the last chapter for the current volume 3. It has been a while now since I first started this little project of mine, around 2 months plus. Thank you guys, for keeping up with this series. Time to keep this book in my bookshelf now.

Just like previous chapter, this one too will go through Mr. Alan for some minor editing. After he is done, I’ll post it up ASAP.

Edit 1: Mr. Alan is not responding. Hence, the update.


Quite a nice illustration, don’t you all agree?

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Vol 3 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 ~ High Priest and Angela, Elizabeth’s situation, Tilika’s master

I want to invite Crook and Silva to my wedding, but unfortunately they are nowhere to be found. Although the details for their mission are not public due to confidentiality, it seems that they are on a mission far away from town. When I think about it, they were not at Gorbas Fortress last time either. For that time during the Harpy raid, I wonder if it was good timing or bad timing. Probably the latter.

It’s for the best, though. I’m sure that once they find out about this they will burn with jealousy, making the situation more complicated. Continue reading “Vol 3 Chapter 16”